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The T20 World Cup

Other than the London Olympics, it will be the single most-watched television event of the year.

But it’s not available in the United States.

For the next few weeks, at least 1.5 billion people will be watching the T20 World Cup, representing almost a fourth of the human population.

Short for Twenty20, T20 is a modern form of cricket. It has been the primary form of cricket used in international competition since 2003. T20 is a much more athletic, fast-paced version of cricket.

Traditional “test matches” are regarded as the ultimate trial of endurance and athletic ability. They take up to five days and 30 hours of play, and all that work can still end in a tie.

Due to the decreasing popularity of the game (and perhaps the attention span of the fans), the International Cricket Council chose to adopt a new version of cricket. A game of T20 usually takes three hours, on par with professional baseball.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and cricket appears to be in the midst of a renaissance as international attention grows. The game hasn’t been able to gather a strong following in the United States, and no networks will offer live coverage of the T20 World Cup.

Due to international demand, ESPN will offer coverage of all matches online.

The 2012 T20 World Cup final is scheduled for October 7th.

Will you be watching?

Written by Andy Li’13



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