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Ohio State vs. California

After breezing through their first two games, the Buckeyes met their toughest opponents yet in last Saturday’s home game when they hosted the talented California Bears, whose athleticism was immediately apparent.

With the Buckeyes getting on the scoreboard first with a 55-yard run by Braxton Miller, this game appeared to be another walk in the park. But California bounced back and scored with 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter, giving them a one-point advantage.

The rest of the game was nothing less than thrilling. Both teams counteracted each other’s scores, with the game tied in the fourth. Then in the last  3 minutes, Braxton Miller and Devin Smith connected with a jaw dropping 72-yard touchdown pass to put the game away.

Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes were able to withstand the storm of the California Bears in a heart-beating victory. The palms of Ohio State fans were a little sweaty last week, so we are hoping for less stressful results next week against UAB.

Written by Jared Harris’13



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