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Ohio State’s Season Opener

The highly anticipated new coaching style of Urban Meyer did not disappoint Ohio State fans around the nation as the Buckeyes annihilated Miami (OH) 56-10 in last Saturday’s season opener. Not only did the Buckeyes fill up the scoreboard, but they also managed to dazzle the crowd with highlighted, worthy plays.

Devin Smith, an Ohio State receiver, shocked the nation with a one-handed touchdown catch that earned him the number 1 spot in Sportcenters Top 10 and was debated as being one of the best catches of all time on ESPN’s First Take.

Meyer welcomes players with crowd pleasing potential, and he expects nothing less than to recruit the most electrifying players.

As expected, Meyer lived up to his hype as on outstanding coach for week one, so Ohio State fans are content for the moment.

The real test, however, will come when Meyer and his Buckeyes try to stand their ground against the powerhouse schools.

Written by Jared Harris’13



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