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Akin’s Movement

The first thing Todd Akin said to Charles Jaco in his now-infamous interview on August 19th was, “You always  keep things moving and keep it interesting.”

Well, Mr. Akin, it seems you were correct. This interview has started a large, seething movement.

Interesting for the GOP, who, just this Monday denounced its support for Akin after the huge backfire to his comments. And, interesting for the voting public, who are justly concerned with his biological knowledge.

The question that started the storm against Akin was simple: “Are there any circumstances . . . in which an abortion should be legal?” Akin’s notorious response: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Fascinating. If you ask rape victims, most of them would probably consider their assault legitimate. Rape itself is defined as forced intercourse.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, 5.0% of rapes result in pregnancy. That means these 32,101 women each year must have problems with their reproductive organs, because, according to Akin, they should be able to stop pregnancy if they are raped.

Right after Akin made these blunders, the public retaliated. Its rants forced him to reconsider his candidacy for Missouri Senate. But, as his website reads, “Akin is still standing.”

He has since apologized for his statement, but that apology was not enough to regain support. This also forced the GOP to consider the consequences of splitting the Republican votes in the upcoming elections, as half of the party does not agree with Akin.

Akin was right about one thing: his interview on The Jaco Report enraged the American public. It also  stirred his fellow Republicans, who dismissed Akin and his bid for office during the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida, this past Monday.

People have moved away from you, Mr. Akin. On both sides.

Written by  Kendall Silwonuk’15


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