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Girls Lacrosse Back in Full Swing

After returning from a state championship last year, the girls lacrosse team is back in full swing this season, with an 11-3 record, and a new group of seniors filling leadership positions. Led by captains Meredith McCloud, Clarissa Leickly, and Elizabeth Benson, the team has already faced off to some tough competition before the tournament.

Coach Anne Horton, who recently was elected to the US Lacrosse Ohio Chapter Hall of Fame, talks about Academy’s new opponents: “The state has restructured the Division I and Division II team line up, so it has put some pretty strong teams in our Division this year. We have to contend with New Albany and Kilbourne, so the journey has a new face.”

As the tournament begins and the season slowly draws to a close, seniors have only a few more chances to play as a team at the high school level. Horton has coached many of these girls throughout all four of their high school years, so their strong bond  is hard to match. Horton says, “I love these girls. They understand what it takes to compete and are willing to give 100% each day in practice and create the same on game day. I hope their leadership and example will help mold a new path for the future.”

Written by Margaret Sutton’14


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