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Seniors soon to say, “Bye, Bye”

Preview of Bye, Bye Birdie

Each year around April and May, everything seems to center around one group of people: the seniors; the students who are finalizing the legacies  they will leave on Columbus Academy.  This year, 20 seniors are involved with the Upper School Musical, Bye Bye Birdie, and each one brings his or her own charm to the stage. For some, it is their first year being involved with the musical. For others such as Will Westwater, Mallory Grayson, and Matt Rials, however, it is their sixth or seventh year working in Academy’s theatre.

 “When everyone’s up there together,” says Faith Christiansen, “It’s just magical.” Back-stage, Matt Rials comments on how the dynamic on stage and off is remarkable, and even though he sees less of the people onstage, he still feels like part of the team.

“The seniors add their leadership and experience,” says director, Mrs. Neal, “And I have really loved working with them. They are a great group.” The one thing seniors will miss most?  “The people,” answers Mallory Grayson, “Senior circle is going to be so sad this year. Ttears are going to flow.”

A number of the seniors participating in the play this year plan to continue acting in college. Flannery Maney and Faith Christiansen plan to act recreationally, while Will Westwater and Mallory Grayson are planning to make acting a significant part of their post-school lives. Westwater hopes to act for a living, while Grayson plans to double major or minor in theatre. Most first-time participants in the musical, such as Mark Morford, Alex Cea, and Dina Sino, do not plan to continue acting after this year but all agree  they have loved the experience.

 Seniors starring in the play this year include Will Westwater as Conrad Birdie, Faith Christiansen as Rose, Alex Farrenkopf as Albert, Jesse Van Genugten as the mayor, Mallory Grayson as Mrs. Mae Peterson, and Tyler Walker-Terry as Mr. Harry MacAffe. Also featured in the musical will be Cami Mampieri, Emma Lasky, Kate Maratea, Chris Robie, Jillian Adler, Caroline Beaulieu, Alex Cea, Elbert Foo, Mark Morford, Dina Sinno, Anastasia Tylka, Ruben Van Genugten, R. J. Watters, and Matt Rials. Their enthusiasm and charisma are sure to draw in the audience and promise to make this years show one of the best in the Upper School.

Written by Sarah Fornshell’15


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