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Laziness or Craziness (App Review)

“Snooze” for iPhone, iPod, or iPad  (Free)

Yes, it’s winter, and temperatures are dropping. When you’re warm in your bed, it’s definitely difficult to wake up and force yourselves to get out of the comfort and inviting warmth. Introducing Snooze, an iOS app that lets you pledge a quarter to a variety of charities each and every time you decide that you need another 10 minutes or so of sleep. The value of your snoozes will be given to a non-profit in the LetGive network twice a month.

“Band of the Day” for iPhone and iPad (Free)

This app is the world’s first daily music magazine built solely for mobile devices giving you musical knowledge in understandable amounts. Each day you receive information on one band, including original interviews, videos, streaming music and more. If your friends still doubt your expertise, just search your mind for the name of some random band and express disdain. It’ll work.“Zombies, Run” for iPhone and Android

Are you one of those people who couldn’t make yourselves run if you life depended on it, or maybe you actually look forward to a morning run? Either way, in the unlikely case that a horde of zombies were running at you, you’d likely strap on a pair of tennis shoes and jet. Android and iOS are introducing an upcoming app:  Zombies, Run! This device turns exercise into a game, one that is supposed to terrify you badly. You simply download the app stick and listen.

Written by Rabia Khan’13


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