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Harry Potter Club Charms Students

With all the “Potter-mania” experienced in the years since the release of the Harry Potter series, it is no wonder Harry Potter club has been a stunning sucess. The club, which boasts around 80 members (depending on the day) in its first year (the most members of any CA student run club) is based on J.K. Rowling’s popular series.  Starting off the year with a dazzling display at Club Fair, the momentum has been, well, magical.

The year began with sorting club members in to the four houses: Gryfindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherine. From bookworms to jocks, members of the four houses have engaged in friendly competition. Most notably, the club plays in “Qudditch” games, a sport made famous by the books and films. Unlike the books, however, Academy’s Quidditch players mostly run with brooms between their legs, as opposed to flying. And instead of capturing a “golden snitch,” players try to capture a “snitch” that a cross country runner carries. These intramural competitions of sorts have drawn huge crowds, excited to see their friends represent their respective houses. As co-president, Dina Sinno ’12, raves about the events. She says, “We had no idea they would be such a huge success!” To be sure, Qudditch is just the start of the house challenges. Along co-president, Emily Daoud ’12, and other members, Sinno has big plans for the future, “possibly including a Yule Ball,” much like the one young wizards attend.

Although the club is young and “still trying  come up with a more permanent schedule,” it has certainly captured the attention many students. Much like an “accio” charm, students cannot be attracted to the opportunity to leave their school lives for just a little magic and creativity. While flaws are evident, magic curriculum education at the Columbus Academy, namely that is does not exist, Harry Potter club manages to be perfectly charming and adds just a little magical influence to our otherwise “muggle” lives.

Written by Harry Wexner’13. Photos by Elliot Nick’14.


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