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A Store Made for Our Generation: Spoon Me

When you walk into the building, your eyes focus on its green walls and colorful tiles. The lights are bright, and iPads are set up at the counter. The menus are not traditional boards hung on walls. They are flat screen TVs, displaying all the choices this franchise offers. Another TV displays pictures of guests and special events, and even a picture of the CA Middle School field hockey team was on the screen!

Spoon Me offers options to satisfy anyone, selling self-serve frozen yogurt, smoothies, fruit-topped oatmeal, and juice-options that will appeal to customers at any time of day. It’s also eco-friendly as the goal to attract young, energetic customers is clear: “Spoon Me products cater to the health-conscious and hip crowds who live fun and active lifestyles.”

Known for its healthy frozen yogurt, 16 flavors are available on any given day. Spoon Me switches flavors daily, even offering seasonal flavors such as Eggnog and Pumpkin. After serving your own yogurt, you visit the topping bar, offering over 50 candies, fruits, and cookies to finish off your cup. You check out at the iPad register, where the cup of yogurt get weighed at 45 cents an ounce.

“Our core, target customer is the younger, hipper demographic of 16-30 year olds, says Spoon Me founder Ryan Combe. “We keep the music lively and turned up loud.” Spoon Me can be found on any popular social networking site. Customers can hang out at Spoon Me in a healthy, exciting atmosphere that is comfortable and welcoming to our generation.

Written by Kendall Silwonuk’15


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