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Homecoming Reviewed

After Winter Formal was cancelled last year due to controversy surrounded grinding, this year’s Homecoming was a source of much anticipation for both students and faculty alike. In retrospect, the hype was ultimately the most thrilling aspect of the event. The dance was well attended, there was dancing, and people seemed to be generally content. There was not one person who was asked to leave for dancing inappropriately, making the night much less stressful for teacher chaperones. For students, the dance was considerably less wild than in previous years, which some students found more appealing than others. As upper school head, Mr. MacElhiney, noted, “I did not receive one voicemail or email from an angry parent Sunday morning.” This is the first dance ever Mr. MacElhiney did not receive such a call.

Homecoming, then, was more about what it was not than what it was. It was not it’s usual party atmosphere. It was not threatening to anyone. It was not as anticipated as other dances have been, but it wasn’t canceled due to lack of interest. Most people didn’t stay as late, butsome did. Teachers may not have been thrilled, but they weren’t disgusted either. No one got exactly what they wanted, but rather everyone got some amount of compromise. We must applaud the seniors. student council and the administration, then, for doing something that seems is rarely done these days: compromising. It will take time for the hangover of grinding to wear off, but this years dance was certainly a step in the direction of reconciliation and a mutually agreeable dance situation, imperfect as it may be.

Written by Harry Wexner’13


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