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Golf is for Girls, Too

The Columbus Academy golf team must be the least recognized fall sport. They do not practice or have matches at the school, so, many people know little about the team, including the fact that three girls join the boys in matches every week.

The team has seventeen people, nine of whom are freshmen. On varsity, one senior, one sophomore, and four 9th-graders show tremendous potential, and their impact is significant. The team had a great season. Three girls played, the team’s biggest number ever, including Captain Morgan Ransom’12, Allison Wallace’15, and Chloe Bradburn’15.
“If we have four girls, we will have enough to make a girls’ team, and this year we have three,” Ransom, who has officially committed to play golf for Vanderbilt University, said. While some might be discouraged to play on a boy’s team, these girls enjoyed the challenge of competing against boys. “I actually enjoy playing on the boys team,” Bradburn’15 said. “It makes me better, so it’s easier to play with girls later.” Ransom decided to play with the men’s team after winning the women’s State Championship last year. Unfortunately, the team was knocked out in the early stages of competition.

At the end of their season, Bradburn placed 3rd in Districts and competed in States on October 14 and 15th at the Ohio State Grey Course, where she tied for 16th place.
Bradburn shows great promise for the future. Plus, with several 9th graders set to return next year, the golf team has great promise for the future.

By Kendall Silwonuk’15. Photos courtesy of Cindy Wilson and Kimberly Ransom.


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