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A Homecoming Story

Walking into the Macy’s homecoming section for the first time, it’s hard not to be dazzled and overwhelmed all at once. Dresses line the racks as far and as high as they eye can see. Dresses of every color and shape with glitter, bows, polka dots, and lace surround and threaten to engulf the shopper.

With your arms full of dresses, you go back into the fitting room, and try on each and every one. Some are too big; others may not fit quite right. And then, finally, you slip that one dress on over your head, and it fits exactly right. An image flashes into your mind of yourself, in about a month, dancing in low lighting, perhaps in a group, or maybe with your currently unknown prince charming. It is the perfect fairytale.

All of these things are what come to mind as I think of homecoming. Never having experienced a formal dance like this, others and

myself are buzzing with excitement. Hearing who’s going with whom, who wants to go with whom, who likes who, all while trying to plan every single detail of the night.

In all the excitement, some people say one thing detracts from the fun of this night. The New Policy. The new policy is, simply put,  a policy against grinding. Some believe it takes the fun out of homecoming and other formal dances.

In my opinion, grinding is not something that makes dances fun. It is unpleasant to look at, and some people are strongly against it. But instead of trying to fight the policy, which upper school students did last year–resulting in the cancellation of Winter

Formal– we should put our misgivings about the policy behind us. Because when only a handful of students go, the night loses its magic for everyone.

If anyone else is a new student to the high school like myself, and has not ever been to a school dance where grinding is permissible, I would offer one piece of advice. Don’t get trapped in by the prejudices of any upper class students against this new policy. Instead, give going to the dance a shot. And if dancing without grinding is not fun, make it fun. Jump around, scream, and just be crazy. I can assure you that you will still have a great time.

Written by Sarah Fornshell’15.


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